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Why is my Canon printer in an error state?

When the Canon printer indicates it is in an error state, then the first step is to identify the area of issue and apply the right troubleshooting steps. With the right instructions and by accurately following them, the Canon printer can be back functioning in no time. See below for more information.

How to fix the Canon Printer in Error State issue on a PC

The issues with the Canon printer can be fixed by eliminating issues that could be causing an interruption with the Canon printer. Checking connections and removing minor setbacks can get the printer to function normally without causing much disruption to the printer. Contact us for assistance in resolving the Canon printer error state.

Step 1: Verify connections :

  1. Begin the process by checking the connections between the printer, device, and wifi.
  2. The Canon printer should be connected to an active wireless connection.
  3. The connection should be stable and work at the required speed.
  4. The Canon printer and the device should be on the same wireless connection.


Step 2: Restart your computer and printer to fix the Canon printer in the error state problem :

  1. While the Canon printer is powered up, remove the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  2. Allow the printer to remain turned off for a few minutes before connecting it back online.
  3. Restart the device that the printer is connected to as well. Choose the Restart option from the power menu.
  4. Give the computer a few minutes to complete the process of restarting and resolving underlying issues.


Step 3: Reinstall or update the printer driver :

  1. Check if there are updates available for the Canon printer driver.
  2. If there is an update available, complete the process at once through the device’s service app.
  3. If there are further issues, reinstall the Canon printer driver from the Canon support website.
  4. Download, install, and set up the driver for the device and continue to use it hassle-free.


Step 4: Update Windows :

  1. The Windows device that the Canon printer is connected to should also be updated.
  2. Complete the process of first checking if there is an update available through the Settings app.
  3. Click the “check for updates” option and follow the process to download and install updates if available.
  4. Complete the process of setting up the printer and the device after the changes have been made

Contact us for further assistance to resolve the Canon Printer error state.