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Canon Printer Setup Models

Unboxing Printer

  • Canon Printer Setup usually begins with unboxing the brand new printer from the box.
  • After that, remove all the plastic tapes and the packing material off the printer surface.
  • Then, verify if all the accessories are present in the box. It includes the ink cartridge, USB cable, driver installation CD, and the power cord.
  • Now, connect the Canon printer to the wall outlet and turn it on.
  • Then, proceed with the Canon Printer Setup for MAC and Windows.
  • Here, you can get the latest Canon Printer drivers and software for both Windows and MAC.
  • Our experts help you with Canon Printer connection without CD or with a CD.

Types of Canon Printer Setup Connectivity

For Canon Printer Setup, you can use USB or the wireless to connect the printer to devices. Here are the complete instructions for Canon Printer Network Connection.

How to setup canon printer wireless

It is easy to establish Canon Printer Wireless Connection with the network and the computer. For the Canon Printer network connectivity, you may require the latest Canon printer software. Also, you may need the Wifi network details to establish a secure connection with the network.

  • To begin with Canon Printer Wireless Connection, get the latest wireless setup file.
  • Then, on the printer panel, press and hold the Wireless icon to start the Wireless WLAN features.
  • Now, download the Setup file to your computer.
  • After that, run the installation wizard and follow the wizard setup instructions.
  • Now, midway the installation, the wizard prompts for adding a printer to the computer.
  • Finally, select your Canon printer name and add it to the computer.

steps for setting up canon printer wireless

how to setup canon printer with usb cable

How to connect canon printer with USB cable

Canon Printer USB Setup is now easy with expert assistance. To arrange Canon Printer with USB cable, you may require the latest Canon printer USB drivers. After installing the drivers to the computer, follow the steps here to complete the USB connectivity process.

  • Initially, connect the Canon printer to a computer with the USB cable that comes with the printer.
  • Now, the computer pops a window to download the latest and the compatible Canon printer drivers and software.
  • Here, download the compatible drivers to your computer and run the installation wizard.
  • After installing the software, try printing a test file to verify the configuration.

For any assistance on Canon Printer USB Connection, feel free to call or chat with our experts.

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