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Pixma TS8220 Printer Setup

Canon TS8220 Setup enables the effective functioning of the Canon Pixma TS8220 printer. Now, with the latest set of drivers and software, you can enjoy the complete features of Canon Pixma TS8220. When you purchase a brand new printer, the next important part is to set it up for proper printing and functioning. Here, you can find the complete instructions for the Canon Pixma TS8220 Setup along with the latest drivers and software.

Pixma TS8220 Printer

pixma ts8220 printer

Pixma TS8220 First Time Setup

  • To start with, cut open the printer box and take the brand new Canon Pixma TS8220 printer out.
  • Now, verify the accessories and check for the power cord, standard ink tanks, and the driver installation CD.
  • Then, remove all the packing materials from top of the printer. Also, check the cartridge slot and the paper tray for any tapes and packing materials.
  • Now, connect the power cable from the pack to the printer and the direct wall outlet.
  • Here, lift the operation panel before turning on the printer.
  • Then, turn on the printer. Now you can see the LCD touch screen lit.
  • After that, the touch screen displays a welcome message and loads the menu.

Once the printer is on, go ahead to install the cartridges and load papers.

Canon TS8220 Access Point Mode Setup

One of the best features from Canon that enables better accessibility is the Access Point Mode Printing. The Access Point mode enables connectivity between the printer and the computer smoothly without any external network. So, you can enable this feature with the right set of Canon Pixma TS8220 drivers and software. Also, you may use either the Canon Printer Setup file from the pack or the latest setup file from the driver download page. Here are the easy steps to set up the access point mode on the Canon Pixma TS8220 printer.

  • To begin with, initiate the Canon Printer Setup file from the CD. In case you are looking for the latest set of Canon printer setup files, you may download it from the website.
  • Then, on the connection mode screen, choose the Other Setups.
  • Now, the wizard instructs you through the steps to convert your TS8220 printer to an access point mode.
  • Then, go to the printer control panel display and go to the LAN Network Settings.
  • Here, select the option Access point mode.
  • Now, the wizard displays the printer name (SSID) and the password for the wireless connection.
  • Then, go to the Wireless setup on your computer and search for the available networks.
  • Now, select your network name and type in the password for a successful connection between the printer and the computer.
  • Finally, try printing a test file from your computer.
  • Here, the existing wireless network connection between the TS8220 printer and the computer disconnects as soon as you enable the access point mode.

Pixma TS8220 Wireless for windows and mac Setup

Canon Pixma TS8220 Setup for Wireless printing requires the latest Canon Setup file. Now you can get the setup file either from the installation CD or the website. However, the installation CD has only the basic and outdated setup file. We strongly recommend the website to get the latest set of Canon setup files. Once you have the wifi details handy, proceed with the instructions below for the Canon TS8220 Wifi Setup.

  • To begin with, the Canon Pixma TS8220 Setup process, download the latest Canon Setup file.
  • Then, on your Canon TS8220 printer touch panel, press the link icon. This activates the Easy Wireless Setup option.
  • Now, the wizard instructs you to proceed with a computer or a smartphone.
  • Here, extract the downloaded setup file to your computer folder. Then initiate the AutoRun file.
  • Now, the wizard shows a list of steps to follow for the Canon TS8220 wireless setup.

How do I setup my Canon TS8220 printer wirelessly?

  • Here, on the connection mode page, select the Wireless connection option.
  • Now, the wizard displays your Wifi network name with the password. You can see this message only if the computer is in connection with the network wireless.
  • Then, verify the Wifi credentials and click on next to add the Canon Pixma TS8220 printer to the network.
  • In case you are unable to see your Wifi details on the wizard screen, call our experts. We handhold you throughout the Wireless Setup process and fix it for you.
  • After that, the wizard takes you to the Software installation screen. Here, you can see the list of Canon Pixma TS8220 software available for installation.
  • Now choose the Canon software that you would like to install on your computer.
  • Finally, complete the Canon TS8220 Wifi Setup by adding your printer to the computer wireless.
  • For further assistance on Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless Setup, call us or chat with us.


For further assistance on Canon Pixma TS8220 Wireless Setup, call us or chat with us.

Canon TS8220 USB Setup

Now connect the Canon TS8220 printer with USB to the computer easy. For a Canon Pixma TS8220 USB Setup, you do not get a USB cable in the box. You may require to get a 3 meter long USB cable separately for the USB setup process. After you have the USB cable with you, proceed with the instructions below:

  • Initially, download and run the latest Canon Setup File on your computer.
  • Then, follow the steps on the popup screen to reach the connection mode screen.
  • Here, choose the connectivity type as the ‘Wired connection’ and then the USB connection.
  • Now the wizard prompts for connecting the USB cable from the printer to your computer.
  • On a successful connection, the popup displays the list of software available for installation.
  • Here, from the list of software, select your required one and install it on your computer.
  • Finally, complete the Canon Pixma TS8220 USB Setup by verifying the connection.