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Canon Pixma TR8520 Printer Setup

Pixma TR8520 Setup is an easy process when you have the printer and the accessories ready. Here, you can enjoy the complete expert assistance for setting up your brand new Canon Pixma TR8520 printer for the first time. Pixma TR8520 setup follows the basic pattern of unpacking the box, connecting the devices, and installing the latest Canon Pixma TR8520 printer driver. Here are the generic steps to unpack your brand new printer.

Canon Pixma TR8520 First Time Setup

Initially, peel or cut the tapes on the carton box carefully and pull the Canon Pixma TR8520 printer out.

Now, remove all the packing tapes and plastic materials from the printer surface.

Then throw them for recycling.

Now, open the cartridge access door and clear all the packing materials and tapes from inside.

Then, take the Canon Pixma power cable and insert the one end to the rear of the printer and the other to the wall outlet.

canon pixma tr8520 printer first time setup

Now, turn on your printer.

Once the printer is on, access the touch panel and proceed to change the Preferences settings accordingly.

Here you can change the necessary preferences like language, location, date, and time.

After that, proceed with cartridge installation and paper loading.

Canon Pixma TR8520 Ink Cartridge Installation

Usually, you get a set of new ink cartridges with the printer in the pack.

You can use these original cartridges for the first-time setup process.

Here are the detailed instructions to complete the cartridge installation along with the paper loading.

canon pixma tr8520 paper and cartridge installation process

Canon Pixma TR8520 Wifi Setup

After getting the TR8520 printer ready for the connectivity, you can choose either the wired mode or the wireless mode. You can now connect a Canon TR8520 printer to Wifi with the latest Pixma TR8520 as well as canon TS9520 Wireless software both are same. Follow these simple steps to connect the Canon TR8520 printer to the wireless network in a snap.

  • Step #1: Initially, go to the printer touch panel and select the Wifi icon.
  • Step #2: Select the LAN settings option.
  • Step #3: Now, go to the Wireless LAN Setup under the Wireless LAN.
  • Step #4: Select your Wifi name from the list of nearby wifi networks and enter the password.
  • Step #5: Now, after completing the Wireless setup process, proceed to Wireless driver download to your computer.
  • Step #6: Download the Canon Pixma TR8520 Wireless driver and software.
  • Step #7: We recommend you to get the latest file form the website as the CD contains an outdated version.
  • Step #8: Extract the downloaded Canon Pixma TR8520 printer file to the computer.
  • Step #9: Run the driver installation file and initiate the driver installation process.

canon pixma tr8520 wireless setup instructions

  • Step #10: Here, follow the set of instructions to proceed with the process until you see the “Add Printer” screen.
  • Step #11: Now, select your Canon Pixma TR8520 printer name from the list and print a test file.

You can also connect Canon Pixma TR8520 to the Wifi network through the Wireless Protected Setup mode.

For this, you do not require your Wifi name and the password.

You can now enable a secure wireless connection between the printer and the computer just by pushing the Pushbutton.

Here, be cautious about pushing the button on the rear of the router and the printer simultaneously.

Check: For further assistance on the Wifi LAN mode of the wireless connection between the TR8520 printer and the network, reach our experts.

Canon Pixma TR8520 USB Setup

Connect the Canon TR8520 printer as well as TS9520 printer USB to the computer or the network easily.

For this, you require a 3-meter long USB cable and the latest Canon Pixma TR8520 printer USB drivers and software.

Then, use the steps below to connect Canon TR8520 USB to the Windows or the MAC computer.

  • Step #1: Initially, download the Canon Pixma TR8520 Setup file to your computer.
  • Step #2: Run the setup file and follow the instructions.
  • Step #3: Now, the wizard asks for choosing the connectivity mode between the printer and the computer.
  • Step #4: Select the option “I have USB Cable.”
  • Step #5: The wizard prompts for a wired connection between the printer and the computer with the USB cable.
  • Step #6: Then, follow the instructions from the Canon Pixma TR8520 setup wizard and complete the USB setup process.
  • Step #7: Here, you may require to download and install the latest set of Canon Pixma TR8520 printer USB drivers for a successful connection between the printer and the computer.
  • Step #8: Finally, print a test file to verify the connection between the printer and the computer.

Tips: Sometimes, your Computer Firewall may block the driver installation process. In such a case, disable the Firewall and retry installing the printer driver and software.

Note: In case you face any issue with the Canon Pixma TR8520 printer USB setup, reach us. Our experts are here to assist you with the complete wired setup process between the printer and the computer or the network. Here, remember to connect the printer and the computer to the same network.

Connect Canon Pixma TR8520 to Access Point

Now turn your Canon Pixma TR8520 printer to an access point and print without an external network.

Here are the easy instructions to print from your Canon Pixma TR8520 printer access point.

  • Step #1: To begin with, initiate the Canon Printer Setup file and navigate to the Connection setup page.
  • Step #2: Here, you can see three options – USB Setup, Cableless setup, and other setups.
  • Step #3: Choose the other setup and wait for the wizard to give further instruction.
  • Step #4:Then, on the printer touch panel, go to the Access point mode under the Wireless Setup or the LAN Setup.
  • Step #5: The printer screen shows the Canon TR8520 printer name and the network password for a connection.
  • Step #6: Now, access the Wireless network option on your computer and choose your TR8520 printer name from the list of Wireless networks nearby.
  • Step #7: Enter the password from the panel screen when the wizard prompts.