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Canon Pixma MG2920 Printer Setup

Canon Pixma MG2920 setup begins with unboxing the printer and flows through ink install and driver install. The Canon MG2920 printer is a wireless all-in-one printer that can print up to 8 images (black) per minute. This printer can be set up either using the USB cable or the wireless setup. The basic Pixma MG2920 setup instructions are below:

Canon Pixma MG2920 First Time Setup

  • Step #1: Initially, unpack the MG2920 printer box and take the printer out carefully.
  • Step #2: Remove all the packing materials of the printer surface.
  • Step #3: Take out all the Canon printer accessories from the box and keep them aside.
  • Step #5: Next, open the access door and clear the packaging materials protecting the printer heads inside.
  • Step #6: Connect the original power cable from the box and connect it to the printer.
  • Step #7: Then connect the other end to the direct power supply wall outlet.
  • Step #8: The direct wall outlet connection prevents power fluctuations later.
  • Step #9: Turn on the printer and proceed with cartridge installation.

Note: The Preference Settings, including language and time, can be set only on the driver installation wizard as MG2920 does not have a display.

Pixma MG2920 Ink Cartridge Installation

After turning on the printer, proceed with the cartridge installation process. Here, you can use the original ink cartridge that comes in the pack with the printer. Then, follow the installation instructions below to install them.

  • Step #1: To begin with, open the cartridge access door when the printer is on.
  • Step #2: Wait for the carriage to be parked at the center.
  • Step #3: Clear all tapes and packing materials from inside.
  • Step #4: After that, peel off the cartridge cover and keep it ready for installation.
  • Step #5: Peel off the protective tape off the copperheads.
  • Step #6: Here, do not touch the copper contact heads as it may damage the cartridges permanently.
  • Step #7: Insert the Canon Pixma MG2920 cartridges into the right slots and fit them in place.
  • Step #8: Close the cartridge access door and proceed to load papers.
  • Step #9: Open the paper tray and place a bunch of papers in.
  • Step #10: Align them according to the guideline along with the input tray.
  • Step #11: Print a test file to verify the cartridge installation and paper alignment.

Note: Canon MG2920 printer can print on 4”x6”, 5”x7” Photo sheets, and normal US letter-sized papers. You can load the papers or the photo sheets with the instructions above.

Canon Pixma MG2920 Wifi Setup

Canon Pixma MG2920 Setup for Wireless Printing on both Windows and MAC is easy. To connect Canon Pixma MG2920 to Wifi, you may require the latest Canon wireless software and the wireless network details. Here are the instructions for Canon MG2920 Wifi Setup and to connect the Canon MG2920 printer to Wifi.

  • Step #1: To begin with, Canon Pixma MG2920 Wireless Setup, connect the computer to the network.
  • Step #2: Next, on the Canon MG2920 printer, push the Wifi icon button until the power button blinks twice.
  • Step #3: The Wifi light turns blue and blinks fast, indicating the canon Pixma mg2920 wireless setup initiation.
  • Step #4: Download the latest Canon Pixma MG2920 wireless driver and Setup file to your Windows or MAC.
  • Step #5: Here, you can use the CD for the basic driver ad software, or you can use the website.
  • Step #6: Initiate the Wireless Setup on your Windows or MAC and proceed by following the instructions.
  • Step #7: Choose the connection mode as the Wireless WLAN mode when the wizard prompts.
  • Step #8: Here, on the next screen, enter the Wifi name and the password to establish a wireless connection to the network.
  • Step #9: Now, the wizard pops the “Add Printer” screen.
  • Step #10: You can see a list of available devices and printer near your Windows or MAC computer.
  • Step #11: From this list of devices, select your Canon MG2920 printer name to add it to the computer wireless.

Tip: Feel free to connect with our experts for any clarification on Canon Pixma MG2920 Wifi Setup.

Canon Pixma MG2920 USB Setup

You can connect the Canon Pixma MG2920 printer to the network and the devices with the USB cable for the setup. To connect the MG2920 printer to the computer with the USB cable, connect the printer to the network with a LAN/Ethernet cable. Here are the instructions for a successful Canon MG2920 USB setup.

  • Step #1: To begin with, connect the MG2920 printer to the computer (Windows/MAC) with the USB cable that comes in the pack.
  • Step #2: Now the computer prompts for downloading the Canon MG2920 USB driver and software in case of first time setup.
  • Step #3: Here, use the CD/DVD that comes in the pack for basic USB setup.
  • Step #4: Then, run the AutoRun file to initiate the software installation process.
  • Step #5: After that, follow the set of wizard instructions to complete the Canon MG2920 USB Setup.

Note: For the latest Canon printer USB drivers and software, download the Canon MG2920 Software from the website.