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Canon Pixma iP110 Printer Setup

Canon iP110 Setup is now easy with the complete set of drivers and software for Windows and MAC. Now you can use this portable mini wireless all in one printer anywhere within the network. Here is the complete set of instructions for the canon iP110 printer setup and the network setup. The basic Pixma iP110 Setup process involves the basic steps of unboxing, connecting, and installing the printer.

Canon Pixma IP110 First Time Setup

  • Step #1: To begin with, remove all the tapes on the printer carton box and open the top cover.
  • Step #2: Now, take the brand new Canon Pixma iP110 Printer out of the box.
  • Step #3: Place it on a rigid surface and peel off the tapes around the printer body.
  • Step #4: Remove all the packing materials and foam.
  • Step #5: Check the printer box for the printer accessories. Generally, Canon offers a setup CD, power cord, standard cartridges, print head, and sample papers.

canon pixma ip110 printer setup process

  • Step #6: Grab the power cable and connect your printer to the wall outlet.
  • Step #7: Turn on the Canon iP110 printer and check if the power light is on.
  • Step #8: Proceed with installing the cartridges and the papers.

How to Connect Canon Pixma iP110 to Access Point

Now you can enable the access point mode on your Pixma iP110.

For this, you may not require an internet connection. Here are the easy instructions to enable the access point mode on your Canon Pixma iP110 printer setup.

  • Step #1: To begin with, press and hold the Wifi button until it flashes three times.
  • Step #2: Disconnect your computer from the network.
  • Step #3: Go to the network settings on your printer and check the available networks.
  • Step #4: Here, from the list of available networks, select your Canon Pixma iP110 printer name.
  • Step #5: Now, your printer and the computer connects wireless without the external internet.
  • Step #6: Using the Canon iP110 access point mode, you can also connect your smartphones and tabs.

How to do Canon Pixma iP110 Wifi Setup

To begin with, the Canon Pixma iP110 setup for wireless printing, get the wifi details ready. For the Canon Pixma iP110 Wifi Setup, you need the Canon Setup file. Usually, Canon offers a basic setup file CD in the box with the printer. In case you are looking for the latest set of Canon set up files, you can get it from the Canon iP110 Driver download page. Here is the complete set of instructions for connecting the Canon Pixma iP110 printer to the computer or the network wireless.

  • Step #1: Initially, run the Canon set up CD on your computer or download the Setup file online.
  • Step #2: Then, initiate the AutoRun file and follow the series of instructions on the wizard screen.
  • Step #3: The wizard asks for the connection mode between the devices.
  • Step #4: Choose the wireless mode and then choose the ‘Cableless’ setup mode.
  • Step #5: Now, on the printer panel, press and hold the wifi button until the power button flashes twice.
  • Step #6: Release the button and wait till the Wifi button blinks faster.
  • Step #7: On your computer screen (dialog box), you can see the confirmation message for a successful wireless connection.

Note: In case you cannot find your printer name under the printers on the wireless network screen, reach our experts. We assist you with the complete Pixma iP110 Wireless setup and the manual configuration.

How to do Canon Pixma iP110 USB Setup

To connect the Canon iP110 printer, you may need a 3 meters long USB cable. Canon does not offer a USB cable in the box. Once you have a cable to connect iP110 Printer, follow the steps below.

  • Step #1: Initially, connect the computer to the network and run the Canon iP110 Setup CD.
  • Step #2: Here you can also use the Driver download page to download the latest installation file.
  • Step #3: On the installation wizard screen, select your preferences like country, language, and date.
  • Step #4: The wizard takes you through the connection mode screen.
  • Step #5: Choose the USB setup option under the wired connection.
  • Step #6: The wizard asks for connecting the printer to the computer with the USB cable.
  • Step #7: After a successful connection, the wizard displays all the available software for the Canon iP110.
  • Step #8: Now, from this list of available software, choose the best-fit files for your computer and complete the Canon Pixma iP110 USB setup process.