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How to Fix Canon Printer not Printing?

When it comes to economical printing, Canon printers are the best. It meets both domestic and industrial printing requirements. Despite being the best in the industry, there are times when the printer may not print aptly. Trust me, it is a common error that happens in printers throughout the world. There are many reasons for this canon printer not printing issue. You can easily resolve them on your end using the troubleshooting techniques discussed in the article.

Why is my canon printer not printing?

This question may occur to you, what to do when your printer stops printing, here are the specific reasons because of which the issue occurs.


  • The print jobs get stalled into the print queue.
  • Due to paper jamming in the printer.
  • Canon Printer Driver gets outdated.
  • Different sizes of paper or damaged paper are loaded in the tray.
  • Damp, curled, or low-quality paper used in the printer.
  • Due to non – stable network connection
  • If the printer is not in use for very long days, this problem may occur.
  • If the Canon Printer drivers are outdated and the software heads are dusty it may cause this problem.

Steps to Fix Printer Not Printing Issues

The reason may be multiple, each of the reason has an easy solution. On a general note make sure to use the following steps to resolve the canon printer problem.


  • Access the Canon printer ink cartridges and clean the Print heads.
  • Check whether the ink is clotted in the cartridge and verify the ink level.
  • Turn ON the Windows.
  • Click the start button and go to the Search option.
  • Enter RUN in the search box to open a new dialogue box.
  • Enter ‘devmgmt. msc’ in the open search box.
  • Press enter from the computer keypad.
  • The ‘Device Management’ page will open on the window screen.
  • Now access the printing or print queue category and remove it.
  • Right-click on the Canon printer device and “Update the Driver” from the displayed list.
  • Press automatic update driver option and click continue.
  • Finally, follow the on-screen orders to update all the canon driver software up to date.
  • Now run a print test from the printer.
  • You can also download the Canon print inkjet/selphy app or canon print service

To avoid this problem, use the printer daily to check whether the ink cartridges are full of ink, and maintain it regularly.