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How To Fix Canon Printer Error

Canon Printer error is common & can be tackled easily with the support of Canon Official page. Make use of the printer setup and support page to overcome the Printer troubleshooting issues simply with basic steps-wise procedures & handlings.

If you find the Canon printer showing the Error state on your printer’s control panel display. Just copy and refer to the Canon Official page to get instant verification regarding the error state. You can also use the given directives to overcome the troubleshooting and can return the printer function to normal or active state without any problem.


  • Is very common to normalize the improper unpacking work on the desired Canon printer.
  • Try to get rid of all the protective tapes and covers from the printer accessories in turn to avoid this kind of issue.
  • Then, you need to open the input tray and confirm there are no tapes inside it.
  • Try to remove all the tapes and eventually check the ink cartridges holder and inspect for any sealing tapes left unpacked.
  • Now, close the output cover and proceed with the next solution step yet you can’t get the printer back to active state.


  • You must not be much careless while handling the printer during the printing functions.
  • Try to properly turn OFF the printer, in turn, to avoid this kind of issue in the future and for the printer life.
  • You must not turn OFF the printer machine while sending or receiving the print work or the action to complete.
  • This will result in document erased or deleted status.
  • To avoid this, you must turn it OFF after the printing process is done using the proper setup options and buttons.


  • Try to remove the excess paper sheets on the input tray after each printing procedure.
  • This will result in major printing issues mainly resulting in paper jam issues.
  • Try to check the paper output tray for any paper jam issues, if seen try to remove them immediately by safe handlings.
  • You can use your hand to gently pull the paper pieces out and can be gently removed without tearing the left-out papers inside.
  • Or else, turn OFF the printer device and pull the paper jam with more precaution notes.
  • To avoid this kind of issue, try to use premium quality paper sheets to load and enjoy the print work.


Proper maintenance can keep you away from Canon printer troubleshooting issues. Try to Contact Our technical Team-Yet you face the same problem.