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How To Fix Canon MAXIFY MB2020 Printer Not Printing Issues?

Canon Maxify MB-2020 printer may get this printer not printing error more often due to several reasons like printer improper connection and configurations and certain driver-related issues concerning the compatible system connected. Use the below steps to overcome the Printer not printing issues in less time.

Inspect the ink levels and replace the ink cartridges:

  1. Make sure the ink cartridges are full and no more blockage or any other issues.
  2. If you suspect any low/empty ink levels, try to replace or fill the required ink cartridges correctly.

Further, you have to ensure that the ink cartridge installation is done deeply into the respective slots for better printing efficiency.

Utilize reliable ink cartridges

  1. Once you find the ink cartridge error or need attention, try to proceed with the troubleshooting steps by referring to the Canon Official page.
  2. Then, have a look at the specified features to get the same quality or recommended ink cartridges to fix.
  3. With the help of the Manual guide, arrange the printer setup properly into their slots.

Clean the print head

  1. Gently, take the Print head out of its position and handle it carefully without handling the sensitive spot.
  2. Then, make sure there is no blockage in the print head to proceed next or escape from the printing issues.
  3. Further, use the cotton ball or soft tissue to wipe out the spilled inks around.
  4. Or you can use your hand to take the blockage or by an automatic method.
  5. Use the Maintenance tab and use the clean print head using the Print head screening pattern.
  6. You can run the cleaning process until you feel the flawless ink flow.

Clean the Nozzle

  1. Attempt the clean print head nozzle pattern from the Maintenance tab to verify the blockage on the printhead.
  2. Then, you have to rectify the blockage and proceed by cleaning them thoroughly.
  3. Once you feel the printhead is completely from the blockage, you can proceed with flawless printing work using the Canon Maxify MB-2020 printer.

 Perform Hard Reset

  1. Attempt to run the power cycle, you have to reset the ink levels, or run a hard reset by using the below steps.
  2. The resetting procedure will resolve the Canon printer error code or another problem that is a mislead between the printer and the computer.
  3. It helps to eradicate the printer queue and restores the factory settings to initiate the best printing work.
  4. Restart the printer and system once.
  5. Attempt the print work to ensure printing accessibility.