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Canon Pixma TS702 Driver Setup

Driver setup is the key factor for a proficient printing process. Driver setup is under easy and basic steps to download and install the driver on a web page. Now, connect to the given steps to download the driver software for Canon Pixma TS702 Printer Setup

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Pixma ts702 driver screenshot

How to download Canon Pixma TS702 driver

  • 1. Once the preliminary printer setup is completed, Switch on the computer (Windows/MAC) safely.
  • 2. Connect the Canon Pixma TS702 with the computer using a USB Cord or Wireless setup type.
  • 3. Use CD or driver download page to obtain the driver file for the download process.
  • 4. Further, to download the Canon Pixma TS702 driver, browse using the official canon website.
  • 5. Examine for the compatible driver apt to the windows/MAC OS.
  • 6. Using the download button, start downloading the required driver.
  • 7. Once the Pixma TS702 driver download is completed. Save it on your respective system.

How to install the Canon Pixma TS702 software

  • 1. Once the Canon Pixma TS702 driver download process is done for connecting the printer on Windows or Mac devices.
  • 2. Just double-click on the downloaded file on the corresponding compatible system.
  • 3. Ensure the software is downloaded to its updated version.
  • 4. Further, select the connection method, using the preferences on the system and printer which is connected.
  • 5. With the support of wizard guidelines, install the printer software promptly.
  • 6. Do check with test prints using the Canon Pixma TS702 driver setup.