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My Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi. How to fix it?

Many factors stop your Canon printer from connecting to Wi-Fi. Listed below are the reasons why your Canon printer does not connecting to Wi-Fi:

  1. Corrupted drivers
  2. Network failure
  3. Change in the wireless network

Follow the list of troubleshooting steps to fix the Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi issue of your Canon printer:

Step 1: Update printer drivers

  • Go to the devices menu and tap on the firmware menu.
  • Choose your printer model and hit on the corrupted driver.
  • Uninstall the old driver and go to an official Canon website.
  • Find the all-new Canon printer drivers and tap on the download button.
  • Now, follow the installation steps and choose the network type you prefer.
  • Install the Canon driver and affix your Canon printer to the PC.

Step 2: Check for Canon printer errors

  • Check if your Canon printer does not display any error messages on the screen.
  • Use the error codes to fix the Canon printer problems at ease.
  • Check if the paper tray and the ink cartridges are not running out.

Step 3: Perform a power cycle

  • First, remove the power cord from your Canon printer.
  • Now, remove the USB cable and wait for 15 seconds.
  • Next, affix the power cable and switch on your Canon printer.
  • Wait for your Canon printer to turn on and reconnect the USB cable.
  • Now, take a test printout and check if your Canon printer is reliable.

Step 4: Check for printer connection issues:

  • First, check if you have a stable network connection.
  • Look at whether your Canon printer is within the network range of the router.
  • Now, check if your Canon printer is active and ready to print.
  • Get a wireless test report and check if the network signal is reliable.
  • Now, power cycle the router and place it near your Canon printer.
  • Affix your Canon printer to Wi-Fi and try to take a test printout online.

Step 5: Reset the printer

  • Go to the devices and printers menu and choose your Canon printer.
  • Right-click on your Canon printer model and tap on the remove icon.
  • Also, tap on the Reset icon to reset all the Canon printer settings.
  • Reboot your Canon printer and add it to your PC.

The following steps will help you keep your Canon printer error-free.