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Canon Pixma TR8620a Printer Setup

The canon Pixma tr8620a printer is a wireless all-in-printer for home office printing. It comes with a printer, ink tanks, power cord, and RJ-11 Telephone or modem cords. The printer is compatible with computers as well as smartphones. To print from mobile phones, you need Canon PRINT app7, Mopria®9, and Apple AirPrint®8.

The canon Pixma tr8620a printer has an automatic two-sided printing feature. It also supports Canon Creative Park App26 or Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app10 for creative printing options. The printer also supports printing photos directly from the SD memory card.

Now, here on this page, you will acquire the procedure for printer setup. Additionally, get the procedure for network and driver setup & troubleshooting.

Canon Pixma TR8620a First Time Setup

The general method for setting up canon Pixma tr8620a for the first time consists of several steps. It starts with printer unboxing and ends with loading papers. Here is the procedure for canon Pixma tr8620 printer setup:

  • Unbox the canon Pixma tr8620a printer.
  • Then, remove the inner and outer coverings from the canon printer.
  • Take the new ink cartridges and remove the yellow coloured tapes from them.
  • After that, insert proper ink cartridges into the cartridge slots.
  • Take a USB cord and connect one end to the USB cord.
  • Then, connect the other end to the power port and ON the power port.
  • Powe up the canon printer and open the canon printer paper tray.
  • Place a set of suitable papers into the tray and close the tray.

Canon Pixma TR8620a Driver Setup

Canon Pixma TR8620a Driver for Windows

The general procedure for setting up canon Pixma tr8620a driver on the Windows OS is:

  • Turn ON the windows device and ensure it is stable.
  • After that, ensure the device has a secure Wi-Fi connection.
  • Check the OS version and download a suitable Canon Pixma tr8620@ driver.
  • Run the canon printer driver setup file on the computer.
  • Continue with the wizard procedure to proceed with the driver setup process.
  • Choose a mode to connect the canon printer and windows computer.
  • Proceed and finish the Canon Pixma tr8620a driver setup on the windows OS.
  • Finally, take a test print.

Canon Pixma TR8620a Driver for Mac

The instructions for installing the Canon Pixma tr8620a driver on the Mac device are:

  • Switch ON the Mac operating system and make sure it is stable.
  • Then, check and confirm that the internet connection is stable on the Mac.
  • Know the OS version and download the compatible canon Pixma tr8620a driver.
  • Open the Canon printer setup file on the Mac computer.
  • Proceed with the driver setup instructions shown on the screen.
  • Select a method to connect the Mac device and Canon Pixma tr8620a printer.
  • Continue and complete the canon Pixma tr8620a driver setup on the Mac OS.
  • Lastly, take a test print.

Canon Pixma TR8620a setup using CD

The simple procedure for setting Canon Pixma tr8620a driver using CD is:

  • Power up the preferred computer and ensure to have no-fault.
  • Open the device CD slot and make sure it has no damage,
  • After that, take the Canon Pixma tr8620a driver setup up from the pack.
  • Ensure that the CD does not have any damage.
  • Now, place the driver setup CD on the device CD tray and close the slot.
  • The CD begins functioning on the device; the driver setup process begins.
  • Continue with the driver setup process using the procedure given on the screen.
  • Finish the driver installation and print a sample file.

Canon Pixma TR8620a setup without CD

The instructions for installing the Canon Pixma tr8620 driver without CD are:

  • ON the desired Mac or Windows computer and ensure it has no issue.
  • Check the computer and make sure that it has a wireless network.
  • Download Canon Pixma tr8620a driver compatible with the OS version.
  • Extract the downloaded driver setup file to initiate the driver setup process.
  • Once the process begins, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The screen will show the methods to connect the computer and Canon printer.
  • Choose the preferred method to connect the Canon printer and device.
  • Continue and complete the driver setup process.

Canon Pixma TR8620a Wireless setup

The basic steps for canon Pixma tr8620a wireless setup are:

  • Activate the computer and ensure it has an active wireless network.
  • Then, activate the canon Pixma tr8620a printer.
  • Choose the Canon tr8620a setup menu and access the network setup menu.
  • Then, select the wireless settings and choose wireless in the setup wizard.
  • A list of Wi-Fi networks will appear on the Canon printer.
  • Choose your desired wireless network name and continue.
  • Enter the wireless network password and continue.
  • Finish Canon Pixma tr8620a wireless setup process.

Canon Pixma TR8620a USB setup

The simple instructions for Canon Pixma tr8620a USB setup are:

  • Then, power up the computer.
  • Then, check the computer and confirm it is perfect.
  • Move on to your preferred Canon printer and confirm it has no problem.
  • Get a new USB cord and remove the covering materials from it.
  • Check the USB cord thoroughly and ensure it has no damage.
  • Connect the USB cord’s one end to the computer.
  • Then, connect the USB cord’s other end to the Canon Pixma tr8620a printer.
  • Finally, power up the Canon Pixma tr8620a printer.

Canon Pixma TR8620a Troubleshooting

Canon Pixma TR8620a Offline Fix

Make your canon Pixma tr8620a printer online using the steps below:

  • Move on to the computer connected to the Canon Pixma tr8620a printer.
  • Check and confirm that the computer has no problem.
  • After that, ensure that the canon printer has no issue.
  • Ensure that the connection between the printer and computer is perfect.
  • Choose the Start button on the computer and select- Printers and Faxes.
  • Double-click on the Canon Pixma printer icon.
  • You will see a popup with ongoing print tasks will appear.
  • Now, go for the printer option on the popup and untick- Use printer without a connection.

If you require more clarification on this procedure, contact our customer support team.

Canon Pixma TR8620a Driver Unavailable

If the Canon Pixma tr8620a driver is not available, then solve the problem using the steps below:

  • Power up the computer and choose the Start button.
  • Click on the settings icon and select- Update and Security.
  • Now, the device will start searching for the updates.
  • If any updated driver version is available, the device will automatically download and install the updated version.
  • Restart the computer once the driver update process is over.
  • Now, check and confirm whether the unavailable driver problem is properly resolved.

Contact us if the Canon Pixma tr8620a printer driver is still unavailable.