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What is WPS pin for the Canon Pixma G1220 printer

WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a method of wireless connectivity that connects the printer and system using stable network support (Home Wi-Fi). It doesn’t need any stuff like a password or credentials to establish the connection. It usually has an 8-digit unique code that must be specified on the router-based configuration page.

Where is the WPS pin on the Canon Pixma G1220 printer

  • Start the procedure by tapping on the Menu on your Canon PIXMA G1220 printer panel.
  • Further, pick the WLAN setup and then, using the navigation arrows – select the right settings. Tap OK to finish the process.
  • Further, choose the desired nearby wireless networks from the shown list of network names.
  • Prefer the WPS via navigation arrow keys. Finalize with the OK option.
  • Prefer the PIN code method by scrolling down to the arrows, and tap to the OK message that appears.
  • On the corresponding screen, you will be displayed with an 8-digit WPS PIN.

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What is the WPS button on Canon printer PIXMA G1220?

WPS button your Canon Pixma G1220 printer can be easily deducted to get connected to the network printing and handlings. Use the below steps and find out the WPS button.

1) locate the WPS button on the printer and press it.

2) Further, try to press the located WPS button on your wireless router.

3) Finally, wait until you find the lights on both the router and printer with the indication of solid green.

How do I connect my Canon PIXMA G1220 to wireless using WPS Pin:

  • To begin with, use the printer’s Menu button using the home page.
  • continue with the Menu category, you will get the list of network names via the Network Settings button. On the next page, type the correct ID name and PIN via keyboard support.
  • After completing the printer setup, press the Wireless LAN configuration Settings. Furthermore, you can see the screen with the message stating “do you want to use the wireless LAN configuration process?” Tap to Yes option.
  • Relax until the display shows any content or message. Hit the OK button to get the accept the terms and conditions.
  • Choose the Wireless LAN Configuration to activate it. Pick the desired WPS Code option.
  • Tap on yes and specify the WPS Pin, and inspect for the WI-FI signal to flash on the computer panel. Wait for the configuration to get started.
  • After completing the printer setup configuration, wait for your network WI-FI signal to get activated and prompted.

How do I connect my Canon PIXMA G1220 to wireless using the WPS push button?

  • To begin with, try to press the setup button on the printer.
  • Make use of the appropriate navigation arrows to select the device settings option > OK button.
  • Operate using the LAN settings and press the OK button.
  • Access using the navigation key to select the wireless LAN setup section and press the OK button.
  • Relax until you find the desired Canon printer to deduct the WPS access point to begin the wireless setup by itself.
  • At the same time, you have to press and hold WPS button for at least 5 seconds and then press the OK button.
  • Next, you have to press & hold the WPS button which is on the AP device for a few seconds, and then instantly give the OK button.
  • Wait for the screen to show the connected status and hit OK.
  • Finally, use the copy button, and get the standby mode for the printer. Then, start the printing process by using the Canon PIXMA G1220 WPS setup via the push button.