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Canon Pixma MX492 Driver (Configuration)

Pixma MX492 Driver and software for MAC and Windows are now available in the installation CD. Canon offers this installation CD with the printer in the box. However, you get only the basic, and the outdated driver and software set up a file in this CD. You can now enable the primary printing and the scanning function with this CD. In case you wish to enable the complete Canon Pixma MX492 features, you should download the driver file from the website. Here is the complete set of Canon Pixma MX492 Driver and software installation from both the CD and online.

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pixma mx492 driver screenshot
Fig.1 - Canon MX492 Driver Download

Canon Pixma MX492 Driver Download CD & Online

Canon Pixma MX492 Driver Download Using CD

You may choose to upgrade the driver versions in the future. To update the Canon Pixma MX492 drivers, you can sync it with the Windows or the MAC OS. With the Windows update and the Apple Software Update, you can update the printer software in a click.

  • Initially, insert the CD into the computer ROM and wait for the AutoRun to pop.
  • Then, follow the set of instructions on the wizard screen and proceed further.
  • Here, the wizard asks you to choose the connection type between the printer and the computer.
  • You can now choose either the Wireless connection or the USB connection accordingly. However, our experts recommend the Wired or the USB mode as it is secure and stable.
  • Now, follow the set of instructions, and the wizard installs the compatible driver files to your computer.

Canon MX492 Driver download online

  • Initially, visit the driver page and let the page auto-detect the OS version of the computer.
  • Now, you can download the compatible drivers and software in a click from here.
  • Then, initiate the driver installation wizard and follow the set of instructions.
  • Here, on the connection mode window, select the Wireless Setup mode or the USB mode accordingly.
  • Now, on the successful connection, the driver installation wizard lists all the available software for your computer OS version.
  • Here, select the desired software files for your computer and install it in a click.
  • In case of any assistance with the Canon MX492 Driver and Software for your computer, reach us.

Compatible OS Versions For MX492

Canon Pixma MX492 supports a few selective OS versions on Windows and MAC. You can now download, update, and reinstall the drivers and software for these Windows and MAC OS versions.

Canon Pixma MX492 compatible Windows OS versions:

  • 32-bit processor of Windows XP Service pack 3
  •   32 & 64 bit of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 & 2
  • Windows 7, 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8 and 8.1

Pixma MX492 compatible MAC OS versions:

  • MAC OS X 10.7 (Lion), MAC OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and mac OS v10.10 (Yosemite)

You can now get experts help for the complete Canon MX492 printer driver and software install for Windows and MAC. Our experts are available here! to assist you with the MX492 driver and software install from both CD and online. Call us or chat with us for complete assistance.

Canon Pixma MX492 Software Install CD & Online

Here is the complete set of instructions for the Canon Pixma MX492 Software Install. So, you can now install either the basic Canon Pixma MX492 software or the complete Canon Pixma Software package during the printer setup. Also, now you can install the latest software for both Windows and MAC separately. Canon offers the basic Set up CD with the printer in the pack for the first time installation. After that, you can update the printer software from the website later. Here are the easy steps for installing the compatible set of Canon MX452 drivers and software for Windows and MAC.

How To Install Canon Pixma MX492 Software From CD

  • Initially, insert the Canon Pixma MX492 set up CD into the slot and wait for the AutoRun to pop.
  • Then, select the basic settings like country, language, and date.
  • Next, the wizard takes you to the connection mode page. Here you can choose between the USB setup and the Cableless setup.
  • On the successful connection between the printer and the computer, the wizard lists the compatible set of drivers and software.
  • Now, from the list of available Canon Pixma MX492 software. Choose the necessary software files and install them on the computer.

How To Install Canon Pixma MX492 Software Online

To install the latest Canon Pixma MX492 software from the driver download page, know your computer OS version.

  • Then get the list of all compatible software for the Canon Pixma MX492 printer.
  • Now, from this list of software, choose the right set of software for your computer.
  • Finally, complete the Canon Pixma MX492 Software install with a test print.
  • Besides, if you need an extra hand with identifying the compatible Canon Pixma MX492 or TR4520 software. We are here, You can now reach our experts through chat or call.