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Canon MAXIFY MB5320 Wi-Fi setup

Want to establish the best wireless features using the provided Canon MAXIFY MB5320 Wi-Fi setup features? Here, you have instant support on how to setup Wi-Fi using your stable & active network connection. Make use of the provided guidelines to make a wise printing work without any cable or cord connections & problems related to it.

How do I setup my Canon MAXIFY MB5320 printer to Wi-Fi?

  • You need to start the wireless setup by turning ON the power button of your Canon MAXIFY MB5320 printer device.
  • Carry out using the settings button on the printer device and operate using the navigation arrow keys to use the Device settings>ok option.
  • Make use of the navigation arrow keys to choose the LAN settings and hit the ok option.
  • Then, move on with the LAN settings and relax until you get the list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Wait until you see any flickers on the indicated light.
  • Now, you can carry out using the Wireless LAN setup or standard Setup > OK. Here, try to choose the Stop option, if you didn’t see any changes in settings.
  • Utilize the same arrow buttons to proceed with the Wi-Fi network settings through the printer panel.
  • Finally, wait for the Wi-Fi passphrase and select the Ok option till you observe any screen pop-up with connected status.

How do I setup my Canon MAXIFY MB5320 printer to a computer?

  • First, you have to switch ON the respective devices and configure them with the user’s Wi-Fi network access.
  • Make sure the active Canon Maxify MB-5320 printer and system device are interfaced and connected to the same network connection.
  • Get your wireless router closer to your printer setup for uninterrupted printer access.
  • You have to continue with the Control panel settings on the desktop and choose the view Devices & Printers option.
  • Wait until the resultant page and pick the Devices & Printers option. Then, you have to relax until the system connects to the desired Canon printer.
  • Once you recognize the printer’s name, hit the Next option,
  • Next, you can see the system automatically download driver software that suits your active Canon Maxify MB-5320 printer.
  • To the end, finalize by right-clicking on the printer’s icon/name shown and choose the drop-down to obtain the Properties option.